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SSD CHEMSTORE INDIA produces and supply the latest automatic ssd solution, universal chemicals, activating powders and specialize in cleaning all types of defaced notes, black notes, anti-breeze, marked or stained bills( any currency). We melt and re-activate frozen chemicals and offer 100% cleaning for bills like dollar, euro, pounds and transferring of colors

Our Vision

We have the best technicians and chemist always available to do your cleaning for you. PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: SSD Solution,SSD Supreme Solution,SSD universal Solution,SSD Solution PK 58,SSD Castro X Oxide solution,SSD Tourmaline solution,SSD Vectrol paste solution,SSD Tebi-Magnetic solution,Chemical Agents, Aactivation and Re-Activation powder, Paracient powder, Congeal chemical melting equipments,Temperature controllers. We offer machines for large cleaning and also deliver products to any location desired by buyers.

If you have problems with coagulated or frozen chemical, we can defrost or replace at a reasonable price. and our services are professional. we have save many lives broken families that have been wandering around the world for years sky blue laboratory will not hesitate to help you too.


We constantly invest in high-end equipment

At SSD CHEMSTORE INDIA, we have SSD chemical solution for cleaning black and deface money, We are perfect in development and cleaning of black currencies with SSD chemical solution, deface currencies black dollar euro and pounds operated by worldwide science associates.

The company has followed a path of continuing expansion and now has offices in different countries, from these locations we are able to offer our services worldwide using the latest SSD chemical solution and Nano technology in cleaning deface or black bank note and in the manufacturing of latest automatic SSD chemical solution for carrying out the effective cleaning black bank note from its black states to original color we are professionals in black money cleaning, black dollars, euros, pounds cleaning money acquired through lottery award winning, security companies, loans, investment funds and next of kin with SSD chemical solution, activation powder, mercury powder and other SSD chemical solution product we are the major SSD solution suppliers in India for black dollar cleaning, black money cleaning we have in stock, 100% concentrated SSD solution for sale and our SSD solution price is affordable based on company rates.


What our clients says:

  • For 2 years i have been searching for solution to my black money, thanks to your team of highly trained technicians, i 100% vouch for your services
    J Kumar
  • Thank you for the team of technicians, they handle my job perfectly, now me and my family are truly grateful as our defaced currency have been cleaned and we are setting up some real estate projects
  • Thumps up for your services, you are simply the best, i have searched until i found you guys, your technicians did my work
    Srinivasa k